Business Owner Pawns Classic Porsche to Fund Business Expansion

Date 9 August 2022

29st June 2022| Pawn my Porsche and Collateral Loan against my Porsche is delighted to support the exciting new business expansion of a local business owner in Yorkshire by completing a pawn loan on a classic Porsche 911 for £25,000.

The client made a direct approach to to pawn his classic Porsche 911 to fund the purchase of brand new equipment required to fulfil his new contracts. The client said “I recently won several large business tenders and needed to buy additional equipment immediately. I approached my bank for small business loan and was told it would take too long and required a full income and expenditure and credit check. I needed to find a business loan alternative and found online. They were able to pawn my classic Porsche 911, so I applied online and they review my application within the hour and complete the same day without the need for a credit check. The speed and service were just amazing” completed a virtual appraisal & real-time valuation of the classic Porsche 911 with the hour and the pawn loan contract was issued within 90 minutes. The client immediately drove his classic Porsche 911 his local fully insured and secure storage facility, located less than 20 mins away from his home. Once the vehicle had its final physical inspection the funds were released to the client’s bank account in seconds. operate throughout the United Kingdom and are specialists in secured short-term pawn loans on Cars, Property, Watches, Jewellery, Fine Wine and Art, with loans ranging from £5K - £2M.

Discretion is paramount to, and no credit reports are undertaken, and no search marks left on the credit file, our client’s anonymity is assured.

Paul Hilburn, director at, said: “In this current economic climate, banks are not able to service the needs of small business looking for fast business loans. is any ideal small business loan alternative for business people and owners of luxury assets to use them as collateral to release the funds and support their business expansion”

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- are specialists in secured short-term loans on luxury assets, including Cars, Property, Watches, Jewellery, Fine Wine, Art and NFT’s. Our short-term loans assist our clients in swiftly releasing up to £2 million of equity in their prized belongings.

No mark will be made on our client s credit report, and no need to travel as everything can easily be agreed from home. guarantee our clients privacy.

Family-run and privately owned, serves a broad range of clients throughout the United Kingdom.

Please enter your details and we will promptly be in touch or call 0333 577 3000.

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